Founded in 2010, The Solent Iranian Society acts as a gathering point for all the Iranians and those who are interested in Iran's heritage and culture. It is strictly non-political and non-religious. Its objects are to:

  • Celebrate Iranian’s celebrations
  • Promote Iranian culture and heritage
  • Commemorate different traditional and national occasions
  • Support new Iranian immigrants
  • Familiarize non-Iranians with realities of Iran

In near future we are hoping to be able to promote services which will allow our members to fully participate in this society by providing opportunities to receive advice regarding how to learn, to live healthier, to participate in volunteering, to find employment, to take part in cultural and leisure activities, to meet with others and to develop themselves and their families.
The co-ordinators of Persian society always attempt to set up and present a variety of entertaining and educational events and it is not going to be possible without the kind and caring Co-Operation of the members.